About us

My name is Martina Švábová and I come from a hunting family. Despite this fact, the dogs in our family used to be kept only as pets, and apart from the classic obedience training, there was no further work with them. After our last dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Dareck, had left us, we were considering for quite a long time which breed might be suitable for our family. After careful consideration, we decided on a flat-coated retriever dog. This breed promised both a great family companion and a good working dog. It didn’t take long and we found the kennel Čerešňa Lipov, which had planned puppies from both exterior and work gifted parents.

And so in July 2018, our family grew to include another member – the black dog Art of Life Čerešňa Lipov, whom we started to call Archie. It was clear from the beginning that we want to actively use the dog in hunting practice, and therefore hunting training will be necessary. I took on this task and since then we have been an inseparable couple.

Thanks to Archie, I became actively involved in hunting cynology and participated in the exhibition for the first time. Currently, we have gone through OVVR (hunting ability), KPZ (Klub test of field work), KZVP (Club test of work in deep water), KLZ (Club test of forest work) and several club shows. Ever since the first working exams in October 2019, Archie has been actively used in hunting practice, where his appetite for work and temperament are so evident. In particular, they are hunts for small game and ducks, where he always shows his tirelessness. We also work together in the local hunting association Trpín-Hartmanice, which for us means attending the hunting ground daily and the possible seek outs, especially of ungulates.